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A family law point of contention: Child support

You will more than likely pay child support if your relationship with the mother of your child does not last (whether you are married or unmarried). To be fair, more mothers are paying child support to fathers these days, but the majority of those who pay are still fathers. Most Illinois fathers who make these payments only know that they have to do it. This issue is one of the most hotly contested in family law even though most parents would agree that financially supporting their children is a necessity and requirement of being a parent.

Family law attorneys must shift gears on child support

One of the most hotly contested issues between parents, whether divorced or separated, is child support. Even though most parents understand that they are obligated to financially support their children even if they no longer live with them, noncustodial parents often feel as though the "system" takes advantage of them. They believe that Illinois family law stacks the deck against them and leaves them paying more than they believe is right.

The family law topic no one likes to talk about: Domestic abuse

Like other Illinois families, yours more than likely has its share of disagreements. If those incidents escalate, you may feel as though you need protection from a loved one. In family law, there are both civil and criminal repercussions for abusers, or potential abusers in the form of protection orders.

Illinois family law provides protections for unwed fathers

Many Illinois couples decide not to get married these days, but that does not stop them from wanting to have children together. These couples are not alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which estimates that the parents of nearly 40 percent of the country's children are not married. Some unwed fathers might not realize that they do not enjoy the same assumptions under family law when it comes to paternity as their married counterparts.

Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets or Income During Your Divorce?

Divorcing spouses are often not on the best of terms. And a common contributing factor to their break-up is money. This holds true for couples from all walks of life. But when you are part of a high net worth couple, financial issues are far more complex than with the typical divorcing couple. In high asset divorces, division of property, spousal support, and child support are often great sources of contention. When you have amassed substantial wealth, it's natural to want to hold on to it. Unfortunately, in some cases, this may drive one spouse to act unethically, or even illegally.

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