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What happens to retirement accounts in a divorce?

For Peoria area residents, retirement accounts are often one of the most valuable assets they own besides their home. In a divorce situation, a person may wonder what will happen to their retirement savings. Property division can be a contentious issue in a divorce and should be taken seriously because of its long-term implications.

Should you move out of the family home during a divorce?

Although Peoria couples do not anticipate their marriage will end in a divorce, this unfortunate occurrence happens to many. If a divorce is looking imminent in a person's relationship, they understandably may not want to live with their spouse anymore. But moving out of the family home during the divorce process can have implications on the divorce.

Legal separation in Illinois

There are reasons why many people in the Peoria area may not want to go through the process of a ending a marriage even though they recognize the need to live separately from their spouses. For some people, moral or religious convictions make them reluctant to divorce, while in other cases, financial considerations, the good of their children or even personal emotional concerns may be paramount.

How does a QDRO work?

Many Peoria residents have 401(k)s or comparable tax-favored retirement plans for their workplaces. These investment accounts can be very helpful for families and individuals who are trying to build up enough wealth to retire comfortably.

What you need to know about trial divorce

Saying goodbye to a marriage might have been a choice you made long before the final signature on your divorce decree. But not all divorces are an easy exit into a new and unattached life. Sometimes, the way out is filled with legal obstacles and flying debris of disagreement with the other party. In other words, you may be facing a trial divorce. It is the most contentious type of divorce to go through.

Not every divorce can be amicable

Both print and internet media are full of stories regarding the benefits of a friendly parting of the ways at the end of a marriage. In fact, many Illinois couples may feel compelled to try to work things out amicably because of all the hype. It is true that people tend to end up with better settlements and more satisfactory experiences when the divorce is amicable, but not every couple has the luxury of making this choice.

Will you consider virtual visitation in your Illinois divorce?

Most Illinois parents would agree that the job of raising children comes with plenty of challenges and plenty of joy. When parents divorce, they may struggle to find a way to deal with the added obstacles of parenting from two different households. In many cases, even an amicable split does not allow one parent to spend as much time with the children as he or she would like.

What may your finances look like after an Illinois divorce?

Unless you will be getting a 30 percent raise anytime soon, you will more than likely be facing a different financial landscape now that your marriage has ended. As you work through the issues involved in your Illinois divorce, you may benefit from a thorough review of your current financial situation versus what it will be post-divorce. You may need to ask yourself numerous questions before you begin making requests regarding property division and support issues.

Give your parenting plan the best start possible after a divorce

Like many other Illinois parents, you decided to work with your soon-to-be former spouse in order to continue raising your children. You decided that despite the divorce, your children deserve to have both parents in their lives. Now all you need to do is come up with a plan that gives you the best possible chance of succeeding as co-parents. Should be easy, right? Perhaps not, but it will be worth it.

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