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How a support order helps with a child's health care

Child support is supposed to cover many of the daily expenses that Peoria, Illinois, parents incur when they are trying to raise their children, expenses such as clothing, food and the cost of shelter, not to mention other important costs like education and even the occasional gift or treat.

When parents are living apart, the idea is that a parent's child support payment is his or her fair share contribution toward the cost of raising a child. Normally, this works out such that both parents, and the child, are treated fairly.

How do I put a price tag on a piece of fine art?

Many couples in the Peoria area may enjoy collecting fine art both from already famous artists as well as from those who may be up and coming in the art world. People with the money to do so may find this hobby quite enjoyable for a number of reasons.

When a married couple decides to separate, though, the artwork will likely be part of the property division. Since a painting or sculpture cannot be literally split in two like the funds in a bank account, the artwork will have to have a hypothetical price tag assigned to it, even if there are no plans to actually sell it.

Representation when domestic violence is an issue

A previous post on this blog talked about the special issues that get raised in allocation of parental responsibilities cases where domestic violence is an issue.

To summarize that post, the good news, or bad news, for parents is that a credible accusation of domestic violence, even when no criminal charges are filed, will be considered by the court when it allocates responsibilities. Depending on the circumstances, the court could even use the accusation as a reason for restricting parenting time.

How allocation works when domestic violence is an issue

The prevailing wisdom when it comes to allocation of parental responsibilities these days is that the best interests of a child are served when both parents share in the important aspects of a child's life and have plenty of time to raise and care for the child.

Indeed, many Peoria parents likely find this sort of arrangement helpful generally and, in particular, beneficial to their children. However, the prevailing wisdom does not work in all cases.

Child support in high income cases

Relatives recently, Illinois joined the majority of other states by adopting support Guidelines based on an income shares model of figuring child support.

In plain English, this means that in order to calculate child support, the court considers the incomes of both parents. After taking applicable deductions to get net income, the court uses a formula, or a chart, to determine the amount of overall support that corresponds with the combined income of the parents. The court then apportions the support responsibility according to each parent's share of that income.

Owning a business can make divorce complicated

No matter what brings divorce knocking at your door, the effects are often devastating if you do not approach the process with a clear understanding of your priorities. A strong legal strategy can help you protect these priorities, but only if you take the time and effort to build it before you are too far into the process.

This principle proves true for nearly all divorcing spouses, but it is particularly crucial for individuals who own businesses to consider these risks as soon as they believe they are headed toward divorce. In most instances, divorce negotiations are about difficult compromise. It is very difficult to keep a business together while a marriage comes apart, especially when the business may qualify as marital property.

Why sentimental value can be a trap in family law

It is important for those who are going through a divorce or legal separation, or even some sort of non-marital breakup, to be aware of the difference between market value and sentimental value.

The reason is that knowing the difference, and knowing how to recognize each, can be key to getting a fair property division that, at the end of the day, will meet a Peoria resident's long-term goals.

How does a QDRO work?

Many Peoria residents have 401(k)s or comparable tax-favored retirement plans for their workplaces. These investment accounts can be very helpful for families and individuals who are trying to build up enough wealth to retire comfortably.

However, when a couple decides to divorce or undergo a permanent legal separation, 401(k)s can present a special challenge when it comes to divvying up marital property.

Overview of parental relocation in Illinois

Even people who grew up in the Peoria area and have their family here may find that, for whatever reason, they need to move elsewhere.

Whether it is for a new job, to take care of a sick loved one or to explore a new opportunity for one's child, sometimes it becomes obvious to a parent that they need to leave Peoria or even Illinois. Still, even if it is the right thing to do, moving involves a lot of legwork, including a bunch of legal and financial steps.

Can I do anything if my ex could earn more?

As this blog has mentioned before, child support orders in Illinois are largely determined by how much income each parent makes.

In fact, based on this state's income shares model, the very idea of child support is that each parent contributes a proportionate share of his or her income to the support of the children.

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