You Deserve Adequate Time To See Your Children

At Watson Law in Illinois, our parenting time attorney, Linda Watson, offers strong and supportive counsel and representation to clients throughout the state. She regularly handles numerous parental responsibility and parenting time — Illinois' new term for visitation — matters, including those that involve:

  • Parental alienation
  • Fathers' rights
  • Mothers' rights
  • Parenting time schedules
  • Modifications
  • Mental health assessment and care
  • Alcohol and drug abuse/rehabilitation
  • Verbal and emotional abuse

After listening to you and developing a detailed understanding of your visitation-related concerns, she will work with you to develop a sound legal strategy for achieving your goals.

What If The Parent Requesting Visitation Has A Criminal History?

Our law firm sees many mothers and even fathers dealing with a parent who has a criminal history, mental health illness or prior orders of protection. These parents are now requesting parenting time rights and access to the minor children. Sometimes this is what is in the best interests of the minor child, sometimes not.

Linda Watson's background in criminal law allows her to facilitate vital conversations with probation officers, therapists and other experts to glean the facts and to put those facts before the judge.

For instance, a client's ex may tell the judge that their drug addiction is a thing of the past and now the parent deserves parenting time. After Ms. Watson researches the truth, she can skillfully present the other side — that the parent is still on probation, is currently violating the terms of probation, has not completed rehabilitation, or even falsified disclosures for drug and alcohol evaluations, is not current in their mental health treatment, and that they are still not fit to be left alone with the children.

What If One Parent Is Accused Of Domestic Abuse?

Both mothers and fathers often accuse the other parent of abuse — or coach the child into "reporting" abuse — in order to strengthen their claims to custody and visitation.

To either defend against false allegations of domestic violence or to protect yourself from real abuse, you need a family law attorney with extensive criminal law experience. Period. Ms. Watson is that lawyer. She can often look at an injury, statements of the child, and hard evidence and determine whether it was caused by innocent play or by an adult's abuse. She is familiar with most experts in Central Illinois who work with diagnosis of abuse and is familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of these cases. She is highly skilled in presenting an aggressive case on her client's behalf.

Call Our Attorney For Establishing Paternity And Modifying Schedules

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