Your Family Law Attorney For The Long Haul

Your relationship with your family law attorney does not end once your divorce settlement has been finalized. Attorney Linda Watson of Watson Law in Central Illinois assists her clients with post-decree modifications and enforcements to ensure that everybody meets their obligations — and that those obligations reflect your current needs and abilities.

Post-Divorce Decree Modifications Attorney Serving Central Illinois

In Illinois, things like allocation of parental responsibility (commonly known as child custody) and child support can be changed, if you can demonstrate to the court that the current terms cannot be met or are no longer appropriate. Common reasons why our clients seek a modification include:

  • Job loss or retirement
  • Significant increase in income
  • One co-parent moving out of state
  • Remarriage by one of the ex-spouses
  • Commingling of a new family
  • Aging of the minor children
  • A spouse receiving maintenance (alimony) has begun earning income

Whether you wish to modify the plan or oppose it, Linda Watson will provide you experienced, insightful representation. She and the rest of our experienced and highly trained team will assert your rights and work toward a positive solution.

Enforcing Family Law Plans In Peoria

Our firm can also help you if your former spouse is not fulfilling his or her duties under the divorce agreement. Contact us if you and your ex are in a conflict over:

Parents with full or primary custody of the children often rely on child support to provide the kids with the basic necessities. Linda Watson is prepared to help you enforce your rights or defend against unfair inequalities accusations. There is a lot at stake, so make sure you have our lawyer on your side.

Call Watson Law at 309-733-4395 or 888-357-4339 to schedule a free consultation with Linda Watson regarding your modification or enforcement matter. We are in Peoria, Bloomington and Washington and offer flexible meeting hours for your convenience.