We Understand All Sides Of Domestic Violence Issues

Domestic violence is a serious family and criminal issue. Violent actions or threatening actions within families can impact both victims and those who have committed alleged violence or abuse. Whether you have suffered from domestic violence or you need defense against domestic violence charges, it is critical to consult with an Illinois lawyer who can guide you through both the civil and criminal justice processes.

Attorney Linda Watson understands the severity of domestic violence charges and how to handle them in her clients' best interests both in and out of court. Charges of domestic assault, battery or abuse are criminal charges. The intense emotions surrounding the situation require adept legal skills with focus on a result that can limit the damages to a family as much as possible.

Domestic abuse can be problematic both emotionally and physically for all members of a family. Contact Watson Law to schedule a free initial consultation in order to discuss your unique situation with Ms. Watson in confidence.

Orders Of Protection And Criminal Ramifications

An order of protection limits the abilities and rights of an allegedly violent or abusive family member. Ms. Watson can assist you in filing an emergency order of protection if necessary, but before seeking relief through what is also known as a restraining order, it is important to understand its impacts and how to properly petition for a court order.

A violent offender can be a spouse, a former spouse, someone you hold a child in common with, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a fiancé(e), a stepparent, a guardian or a caregiver. The person petitioning for an emergency protection order does not have to give notice to the alleged abuser, and he or she has the following options:

  • Prohibiting an alleged abuser from making threats or committing physical or emotional harm
  • Prohibiting the alleged abuser from entering the victim's residential property, place of work or other specified locations
  • Prohibiting contact by phone, mail, email or text message
  • Restricting visitation or custody rights with children
  • Requiring surrendering of firearms and other weapons to police
  • Other actions may be specified.

The order will stay in effect for 14 to 21 days, after which a hearing will be set for both sides to present their cases. Immediate consultation with an experienced attorney is vital to your future.

Accusations of domestic violence are often used as leverage in divorce cases and can be tied to child abuse and custody concerns. If you are convicted of domestic violence, you could lose your custody and/or visitation rights. You could also lose your employability in child care, elderly care, health care or related fields. Your gun rights will also be stripped, which can greatly impact security guards, prison guards and hunters, for example.

Ms. Watson is a Peoria lawyer for domestic violence issues who represents alleged abusers and victims alike. She spent more than six years serving as a local prosecutor, and she has extensive experience in domestic violence trial situations. Whether you require domestic violence defense or protection, Ms. Watson can work diligently to defend your parental, civil and constitutional rights.

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