Illinois Divorce Lawyer: FAQ

At Watson Law, our Illinois divorce attorney is a dedicated and caring advocate on behalf of clients considering divorce or already involved in the process. Attorney Linda Watson counsels and represents families from all income levels, but she is a particularly beneficial choice for couples entangled in high-asset divorces or those who have complex concerns regarding the division of commingled property.

Here are answers to a few common questions we are asked:

1.) Do I have to wait to file for divorce?

Maybe. Both parties must be willing to sign a waiver, and at the time the divorce becomes finalized, the parties must have been separated for at least six months. Since most divorces take at least several months from start to finish, it is possible to file when a couple separates.

2.) Is it possible for both spouses to have the same lawyer?

Watson Law will not represent both parties in a divorce action since it is impossible to advise what is in each person's best interest without disadvantaging the opposing spouse. To put it another way, it is only possible to fully protect one party's interests. Domestic cases are extremely uncertain and the position of parties can change rapidly.

3.) How much will a divorce cost?

This is nearly impossible to answer. Many things affect the cost of a divorce.

The more contested the case, the more expensive the litigation. As in purchasing a new car, there is a wide variety of selection of cars ranging from very inexpensive, one which merely gets you from place to place, to luxurious and extremely costly. Divorce attorneys, however, do not offer five-year financing. Watson Law does have convenient methods of payment and will keep you informed of each step throughout the process.

In addition, Watson Law believes in making every effort to mitigate unnecessary expenses throughout the divorce process. We will do everything we can to keep your costs as low as possible.

4.) What is the general process of a divorce?

  1. Petition/summons
  2. Case management conference
  3. Discovery
  4. Mediation
  5. Pretrial and trial

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