Seeking A Fair Child Support Outcome

Illinois has statutory guidelines for child support. This means that child support must be ordered or approved by the court even if spouses come to an agreement on the terms of the support in a divorce proceeding or through mediation. An income percentage model is used to calculate the necessary child support based on the number of children in need of support during and after the divorce is finalized.

Attorney Linda Watson can help you understand the process and what other circumstances may be incorporated in a child support order. With offices in Peoria, Ms. Watson served more than six years as a local prosecutor, and she can readily advocate for your interests and those of your children both in and out of court. She understands that every case and every client is unique. With highly personalized and compassionate service, she takes the time to gain a full understanding of your particular needs and goals in divorce.

Ms. Watson understands that your children are your most precious asset. The divorce process is costly, but it is worth ensuring that your children are protected both during and following the process.

Evaluating Relevant Factors And Pursuing Your Best Possible Result

The guidelines the court uses to determine child support orders after considering your child's best interests include:

  • Available financial resources
  • Financial needs of the child and the custodial parent
  • Financial needs of the noncustodial parent
  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Physical and emotional condition of the child
  • Educational, medical, insurance needs of the child
  • All factors that add costs should be included in the determination, including extracurricular activities, summer camps, braces, glasses, contacts, etc.

Each case is different and must be thoroughly examined by experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel. If you agree to a payment structure without legal representation, you could be signing an agreement that holds significant but hidden or unforeseen long-term costs. It is worth retaining a Peoria child support lawyer upfront to prevent much greater expenses down the road. Have it done right the first time. Buyer's remorse is not grounds for modification of an agreement.

Child Support Modification Lawyer In Peoria

Ms. Watson also represents clients who have had a significant change in circumstances or whose ex-spouse is seeking a post-judgment modification. If income levels have changed, if one party has lost a job or must relocate, the child support agreement may warrant modification. It is important to consult with Ms. Watson to discuss other circumstances that may qualify for modification and to discover your options in defense of modification.

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