Putting Your Children's Needs First In Central Illinois

Most divorces focus heavily on two issues: children and division of assets. Your children may be your most critical issue in a divorce, and your parental rights need protection in the best interests of your children. Parents rarely agree completely on the several issues that involve their children, so it is very important to retain an experienced attorney who will advocate from a position that advocates your child's best interests, which takes into consideration the parent's practical interests for a long-lasting parenting plan that truly works for you and your family.

Attorney Linda Watson takes the time to discuss the facts of your unique situation. She will present you with options and creative solutions that can lead to a strong case development to meet your needs and goals. Ms. Watson approaches each case and each client with compassion and care. She understands that each parent and each child has particular needs that must be addressed thoroughly and individually.

Parents cannot make decisions on allocation of parental responsibility (the term for child custody in Illinois) outside of the legal process. Since the court must make decisions that are in the best interests of your child, it is crucial to work with a Peoria parental responsibility lawyer who can present a convincing case in court.

Protecting Your Parental Rights

The court will consider and assess the parents' history and level of involvement with the child, their standard of living, economic standing and the abilities of parents to perform parental responsibilities. Most custody agreements involve joint custody between parents, but if it can be shown that one parent is unfit to perform parental responsibilities, full custody or supervised visitation may be warranted.

Attorney Watson is experienced in helping clients to assess parental fitness of themselves or their spouse. She will examine issues of your child's medical, education and religious needs along with parental economic and mental fitness to determine the best interests of your child.

Ms. Watson also assists parents in child relocation issues, and she addresses concerns or accusations of domestic violence in custody cases from a perspective of extensive experience.

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