Calculating Gross And Net Income

Unless the spouses getting divorced are still on decent terms, it is not unusual for the higher earning spouse to try to hide his or her true income. While they falsely claim to be unable to pay child support or spousal maintenance, you, your children and/or your financial future could be the ones to suffer.

At Watson Law, we work every day to make sure our clients get the money to which they are entitled under Illinois law. Lead attorney Linda Watson will make sure your ex does not cheat you out of the support you, your children or your financial future need to remain stable following divorce. Our firm has offices in Peoria, Bloomington and Washington, and represents clients across Central Illinois.

Gross And Net Income Explained

Gross income is the income a person earns before anything is taken out in taxes or other taxable deductions. In Illinois divorce law, we use the gross income of the spouse who will potentially pay spousal maintenance (alimony) to calculate how much he or she is able to pay.

On the other hand, the law looks at net income when determining child support. Net income is an individual's earnings after taxes and deductions. If you are a parent, it is vital that you know what your ex's exact net income is to ensure that your children never have to do without just because their parents are divorced.

Uncovering Your Ex's True Income

As your lawyer, Linda Watson will examine financial statements, tax returns, bank accounts, financial transfers, pay stubs and sometimes even a lifestyle analysis to determine your ex's true gross and net incomes. In her 20 years working in family law, she has helped hundreds of clients obtain fair levels of child support and alimony. At the end of our relationship, you will be in the best financial position possible.

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