The Serious Nature Of Internet Sex Crimes

You are being investigated in the Peoria, Illinois, area for internet sex crimes. Investigators have taken away your laptop, your computer and even your cellphone. What you should have done already is obtained the counsel for an experienced criminal defense attorney. Not just any experienced one but someone who knows your local area. Someone who has represented many clients successfully at trial in the very court systems your case will likely be held in.

Over A Decade Of Experience In Illinois

Watson Law handles sex crimes charges and internet sex crimes charges in the Peoria, Illinois, area. Attorney Linda Watson has two decades of experience both as a prosecutor and assistant state's attorney but a private solo practitioner. She has defended many clients successfully and has a unique insight into both the defense and prosecution's side of the case. This can provide an immense advantage when developing the strategy for your specific internet sex crimes case.

In addition to her extensive criminal law background, Ms. Watson has specific skills and knowledge when it comes to digital and forensic evidence. This type of evidence has a huge role in any internet sex crimes charge. Her background is so extensive that she has created and taught seminars on this very matter to other lawyers in Illinois.

The Important Role Digital And Forensic Evidence Plays

The prosecution will scour any digital imprints you may have left. This includes your cellphone, smartphone, laptop, home computer, work computer and any other use of digital technology. Even if you were not the one to download an illicit image such as child pornography, if it is on something you own you are the one who is being implicated.

That is why it is so important your attorney has a background in successfully arguing these types of evidentiary issues at trial. This can truly mean in many cases the difference between freedom or serious jail time. Not to mention being labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life and on the Illinois Sex Offender Database.

Ms. Watson defends against all types of internet sex crimes, such as distribution/possession of child pornography, internet solicitation, online solicitation of a minor and more.

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