A Strong Defense Against Serious Sex Crime Charges

Some of the most complicated criminal defense cases are those involving sex crimes. Especially, those sex crimes charges related to the internet. The experience and skills of your defense attorney can play a huge role in the outcome of your case. There is much in the line, including your reputation, future and freedom. Just being investigated and charged with a sex crime brings such a negative social stigma to you and even your family. Take charge right now and start with a seasoned defense attorney in Peoria, Illinois.

Former Prosecutor And Assistant State's Attorney

At Watson Law, our firm's founding lawyer, Linda Watson, has extensive experience on both sides of a sex crimes case. This can bring a huge advantage to a sex crimes charge when it comes to strategies and insight into the prosecution's possible tactics. When the stakes are high, you want a seasoned attorney like Ms. Watson. She has a high success rate when it comes to representing clients at trial.

Furthermore, she has specific knowledge when it comes to sex crimes cases, having taught seminars on digital forensic evidence. This can play a huge role in many sex crimes cases such as child pornography and other internet sex crimes where preserving forensic evidence can sometimes make or break a case.

Major Stakes And The Sex Offender Registry

When someone is facing a sex crime charge in the Peoria, Illinois, area it is likely a big story in local media. The unwanted attention and shame of just being investigated for a sex crime, not to mention the potential jail time are both scary consequences to consider. Leaving your criminal defense representation to a new associate or inexperienced defense attorney is the last thing you should do.

Ms. Watson has a reputation for solid analysis and strategy when it comes to defending her clients. In addition, she has so many times identified holes in the prosecution's strategy, winning a jury over with her thorough litigation skills.

She can handle all types of sex crimes charge, including:

  • Sexual assault and rape
  • Statutory rape and sex crimes involving minors
  • Indecent exposure and prostitution
  • Child pornography and other internet sex crimes

These are just some of the many types of charges she can aggressively defend against. Not only is she defending your freedom but also the potential of being a registered sex offender for life. What this means it that if you are convicted, you will be required to register with the Illinois Sex Offender Database. No matter where you move, it will be public knowledge of your conviction of a sex crime.

Reach Out To Watson Law Immediately

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