Your Prior History Can Weigh Heavily In Federal Drug Cases

Central Illinois has an unfortunate reputation as a major hub of methamphetamine manufacturing and cocaine distribution. At Watson Law in Peoria, we defend individuals accused of these crimes as well as the very serious federal charge of drug conspiracy.

If you were arrested on a charge of drug conspiracy, the weight of the drugs in question will play a very significant role in the penalties you will be facing. In addition, your prior criminal history will be equally important. If you've already had two convictions for drug possession, and now you are charged with involvement in a distribution conspiracy involving 500 grams of meth, you could be facing a life sentence.

Because the sentences for drug conspiracy are often so long, it is vital to get an experienced and aggressive federal drug conspiracy attorney fighting for your rights from day one. Ms. Watson has in-depth trial experience as both a former prosecutor and a private lawyer, so she knows exactly what it takes to build a strong case in your defense and mitigate such harsh penalties.

Act Immediately — Before You Lose Any Leverage You May Have

Quickly retaining knowledgeable legal representation can reap massive benefits and greatly affect the outcome of a federal conspiracy case. Why? Because the federal government often grants reduced sentences to those who offer information about the drug ring, its operations and its participants.

However, if you are the last person in the conspiracy to be arrested and the last to plead, you will have nothing to offer the feds. While many members of the alleged conspiracy are getting 30 to 50 percent of the time shaved off their sentences, you may be left with nothing except a life sentence.

We'll Defend Aagainst Drug Trafficking And Prescription Drug Distribution

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