Is The Federal Government Pursuing Criminal Charges Against You?

At Watson Law in Illinois, our federal criminal charges attorney provides vigorous criminal defense for individuals charged with serious offenses. In most cases, these are either drug conspiracy charges related to cocaine distribution or meth manufacturing, or federal weapons offenses for the illegal possession or distribution of firearms. Ms. Watson's experience as a trial lawyer and a former prosecutor is a significant benefit to clients facing these kinds of charges.

The U.S. government is a formidable opponent, backed by extensive resources. You need an equally aggressive advocate to defend your legal rights and fight for your future.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines — And What They Mean For You

Federal sentencing is very different than state sentencing. Under the federal sentencing guidelines, you will be assigned "points" for any prior criminal convictions. Then, points are assigned to the current charge against you. Finally, more points can be added on for aggravating factors such as the use of a weapon, etc.

As you may imagine, points equal prison time. The more points you accumulate, the longer your sentence will be. This is why it is so vital to have a strong and experienced criminal defense lawyer like Linda Watson on your side from the beginning. Ms. Watson's job is to mitigate your situation as much as possible, arguing on your behalf for point deductions, negotiating favorable plea bargains or pursuing other options for a better outcome.

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