Prosecutors Pursue Domestic Violence Cases Aggressively

The courts are very protective of the victims of domestic violence, which is also known as domestic assault or battery. It is not a minor offense. Those who are convicted of domestic violence or abuse face life-altering ramifications. If you have been accused of or charged with domestic violence offense, it is vitally important to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

An astute attorney can lead your case with strategic precision. Attorney Linda Watson is able to examine a case from the perspective of the defense, the prosecution, the judge and the victim. Before becoming a defense attorney in Peoria, Ms. Watson served as a local prosecutor for more than six years as a former assistant state's attorney and former assistant district attorney. Her extensive experience in domestic violence jury trials throughout Central Illinois has proven attorney Watson knows how to protect her clients' rights and defend their interests both in and out of the courtroom. She is accomplished and handles cases in both state and federal courts.

Powerful And Focused Spousal Abuse Defense

Ms. Watson understands that domestic violence cases are rarely clear-cut. Each party typically perceives the order of events and intentions during events to be quite different. Ms. Watson will take the time to understand the facts of the case, gather evidence and defend your rights vigorously.

Domestic violence charges have much further-reaching consequences than most people realize. The first domestic battery conviction is a misdemeanor that can include up to a year in jail and up to a $2,500 fine. If there is a second conviction of domestic battery, it is an automatic felony. An aggravated domestic battery conviction is a felony that can include up to seven years in prison and/or up to a $25,000 fine.

Even if you are convicted of a minor crime, you could lose your rights to child custody and/or visitation; your employability in child care, elderly care or health care fields; and your gun rights. For example, if you are a teacher, nurse or security guard, your entire livelihood may be in serious jeopardy in the face of domestic assault or battery charges.

Accusations of domestic violence are often used as leverage in divorce and child custody cases. Ms. Watson is a Peoria domestic violence defense lawyer who is familiar with the tactics used by prosecutors to attempt to paint violent pictures of defendants and their intentions. As an attorney who also represents victims of domestic violence and abuse, she has the knowledge and experience to counter charges and protect your parental, civil and constitutional rights.

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