What Does A License Suspension Really Mean?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, as a result of your arrest, not only will you face a criminal prosecution for driving under the influence, but you will also face a civil action by the secretary of state that suspends your license. This suspension is automatic and even if you are successful in defending a DUI, the license suspension remains. There are defenses or arguments that can be made to revoke a suspension, i.e., keep your license active. But, there are time constraints on how long after your arrest you are allowed to bring these defenses. Typically, you will want an attorney to file a petition to rescind suspension within 30 days of your arrest and have the hearing before your license suspension takes affect (45 days for a first offense).

You may be able to drive while your license is suspended on a temporary driving permit. It is important to remember that these fees, which are substantial, are completely separate from the criminal prosecution DUI fees. Fees for a temporary driving permit can include the installation and rent of a breath test device, driving permit fees which must be paid in advance to the secretary of state, not to mention the reinstatement fees the secretary of state will require you to pay once you finish a suspension and move for reinstatement.

To find out if your suspension can be avoided, or to find out if you are eligible for a temporary driving permit, call Attorney Linda Watson today for your free consultation.