How Can I Defend Against A DUI?

Every case is different and is based upon the particular events and facts of each arrest. The following are some arguments that are made in defense of DUI arrests and prosecution:

  • Did the officer perform a legal stop?
  • Did the officer administer the field sobriety tests correctly?
  • Are there health conditions that may have hindered the accuracy of the field sobriety tests?
  • Did the officer have sufficient probable cause to make an arrest?
  • Did the officer perform an illegal search?
  • Did the officer perform an illegal interrogation?
  • Did the officer administer the proper admonishments?
  • Can the state prove you were the driver of the vehicle?
  • Can the state exclude you having consumed alcohol after you drove but prior to the arrest?
  • Can an argument be made for insufficient time for the alcohol to be absorbed into your system?

These are only some of the defenses that can be raised in a DUI case. To know what defenses can be raised in your particular case, you will need to set up a free consultation with attorney Linda Watson.