Burglary Charges Are Serious In Illinois

In Illinois, burglary consists of entering someone else's car, boat, house, office, trailer or other structure without permission and with the intent to steal or commit another felony. Stealing more than $300 worth of property is a felony. After a certain number of petty thefts, the next will also be an automatic felony.

At Watson Law, our Peoria burglary attorney, Linda Watson, has 20 years of criminal law experience and the commitment to do whatever it takes to defend her clients' rights. Whether you have been charged with stealing a car CD player or breaking and entering a house, you can count on Ms. Watson to present a vigorous defense on your behalf.

Burglary Classifications In Illinois

The majority of Illinois burglary charges are Class 2 felonies, carrying up to seven years of jail time. Here are a few exceptions:

  • Church or school burglary: Burglarizing particular types of buildings such as churches or schools is a Class 1 felony and carries a very high penalty.
  • Residential burglary: Entering a person's dwelling place with the intent to steal is a Class 1 felony, carrying up to 15 years of prison time without the possibility of parole.
  • Car burglary: Raiding cars for spare change, CDs or other items is a Class 3 felony.

Although these are general classifications, you should note that aggravating factors or a prior criminal history can increase your sentence for any type of burglary or robbery charge. You should also know that retaining an experienced criminal defense lawyer is your best hope for beating or reducing the charges against you.

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